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Cramped Cubicle? Best Ways to Treat At-Work Back Problems

Those who work in an office are often putting their back through a tremendous amount of strain without even knowing it. From weak stabilizer muscles to improper support, chronic back pain is a very common result. For those that would like to treat their own back pain and lower the chance of future issues, here is a look at some simple solutions that can be done in and out of the office.

At Work Back Problems - Cramped Cubicle? Best Ways to Treat At-Work Back Problems

Proper Support

The first place that an employee should look is where they sit and lie down throughout the day. Many will find that it is simple changes to their back support that will make all the difference. Whether it is an office chair, a driver’s seat, or their bed at home, everyone should keep trying cushions, pillows, and mattress tops until they find the support that promotes good posture and a neutral spine position.

Exercising and Stretching

An office promotes an incredibly sedentary lifestyle for upwards of 40 hours or more per week, and this can wreak havoc on back health. The back is supported by a variety of muscles, ligaments, and bones that must be kept as healthy as possible in order to prevent pain. By staying at a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and stretching as often as possible, upper and lower back pain can often be avoided. Employees should also remember to stand and move around for at least a few minutes per hour to increase their circulation and allow the muscles in their back and shoulders to relax.

Find a Specialist

Half of all Americans claim to have serious back pain least once a year, and specialist may be the only option for a permanent recovery. A chiropractor has the tools and expertise to diagnose the root causes of back pain and then suggest a number of methods for recovery. For those that have severe back pain, it is important to seek out one of these medical specialists as quickly as possible to avoid more severe damage such as arthritis.

Stress Management

Stress can manifest itself in quite a few ways for the average worker and many will find that it results in shoulder and back problems. Ongoing stress will often cause muscles throughout the body to remain in a constant state of tension. All workers should explore their options for stress relief, options including yoga, meditation, exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleeping habits.

Back pain may be common, but it is a medical condition no one should feel as if they are forced to struggle through. A few simple changes may be all that is needed to permanently treat this issues and allow an employee to live pain-free.

Information Source: Alberta Back & Neck Rehab

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