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Common Spine Issues Runners Encounter During Training

Runners often spend many hours per day training. All of these repetitive movements can cause stress and strain on your muscles, tendons, ligaments and vertebrae. These common spine issues that you might encounter should be evaluated by a spine doctor.

Common Spine Issues Runner - Common Spine Issues Runners Encounter During Training

Back Strain

Back strain is an injury of the soft tissues that help to support your spinal column. A sudden twisting, pulling or turning position. These fast moves can cause tiny tears to the muscle fibers or the fibers in your ligaments or tendons. This results in a feeling of stiffness, soreness and pain when you bend and move. These types of strains are some of the most common injuries in any sport. A strained muscle is a self-limiting injury. You may need to work on a stretching and warm up and cool down routine before and after your training sessions.


Spondylolysis is a bone defect that you could be born with, but it may only manifest symptoms in young athletes and older people. Over time, the condition results in a weakening of one or more of the vertebrae. The excessive stress on your spine from heavy training and weak bones can lead to stress fractures. The most common symptom of spondylolysis is low back pain. Treatment involves wearing a cast or brace on your back 24 hours per day for several months.

See a Doctor for Spine Issues

Any back pain that does not resolve within a day or two should be checked out for a doctor. If you have a sudden injury while training, call a spine doctor on the same day. Professionals, like those at Town Center Othopaedics Associates, P.C., know that if mild pain that persists or pain that worsens should also be checked by a doctor. The sooner a spine issue is diagnosed, the more likely you are able to make a speedy and full recovery.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc happens when one of the cushioning discs between your vertebrae slips out of place. A slipped disc is painful and can cause numbness, tingling and weakness. This injury can happen from sudden moves and repetitive movements. Herniated discs are a common cause of sciatica.

After any type of injury to your spine, be prepared to take a break from the training. Even though you may not want to stop, it is important for your body to heal. Your spine doctor can give you training tips that can help you to heal from this injury and prevent a new injury to your spine from developing.

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