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Chronic pain and smoking: how they are related?

Easing pain can be a complicated matter. Many factors affect how one person experiences pain. Pain being that convoluted and a hard to control phenomenon that it makes people forget about how unhealthy and counterproductive the smoking is.

Smoking man - Chronic pain and smoking: how they are related?

Smoking is very related with chronic pain, and not in a good way. Smoking can affect greatly how much pain you can get. In fact, chronic pain is a known consequence of its use.

In this article, we will explain how and how you can avoid it.

Nicotine as a painkiller

Yeah, it’s true, nicotine in cigarettes is a painkiller, but, notice carefully. These effects are temporary. In the long-run, the act smoking to get nicotine will increase your pain.

Common chronic pain phenomenon such as chronic lower back pain and various types of abdominal pains are, statistically, experienced the most by smokers. More than a half of patients who seek pain treatment are smokers. Coincidentally, it is also known that smoking increases the amount of pain felt by patients because it makes you more sensitive to it.

Let’s recapitulate

Nicotine in tobacco can make you feel good, for a while. It makes your body release chemicals such as dopamine, which can ease your pain by causing a relaxing, rewarding sensation. The problem is that you often get nicotine from tobacco. And that’s the thing; tobacco hurts your body.

Tobacco prevents the flow of nutrients and oxygenated blood through your body, therefore hurting the well/being of your tissues; bone and skin, for example. This set of ill-performed bodily functions can set the ground of severe illnesses such as osteoporosis, in the form of degeneration of the disks in the spine. Lower back pain is often a result of this vicious circle.

The smoke in cigarettes also impairs normal healing in individuals and increases fatigue. It is even being studied how the fact that people with fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pains, feel more hurt in the long run than those who do not smoke.

Vaping is halfway a solution

The bad thing is that your body will be so used to smoking that it may take a while for you to realize that smoking has something to do with some or most of the pain you feel. This is much harder when you experience how nice consuming nicotine feels and how easily a shot of this substance in your body can immediately release your pain from your body.

But you shouldn’t be fooled; smoking can cause you a lot of other different illnesses that are much worse than just only having chronic pain to endure. Smoking causes cancer, cardiac disease, and lung disease. This is widely known What isn’t widely known is that smoking can increasingly worsen your pain. And it can also make things more difficult when trying to change your lifestyle for the better.

Think of this, when you have debilitating pains, you are very vulnerable, and it can be a burden for you, on top of that, to change your lifestyle.

Smokers and healing

Some doctors and even transplant clinics refuse to admit patients who are regular smokers. This is due to a variety of reasons, but the main being that smokers have it worse when it comes to healing their bodies. That’s right; a smoking habit impairs your healing ability.

Therefore, smokers are not very good at having devices implanted in their bodies. So, smokers cannot benefit from new technological advances, such as neurostimulators that block pain sensations. Smoking also damages the immune system, therefore raising the risk of infection exponentially during or after surgery.

The only thing you can do about it, now that you know it, is to try to quit. Smoking is a hazardous habit. Fortunately is one that can be confronted with various tools that are either available in the market or online.

So, the problem here seems to be smoke, doesn’t it? Smoke is half of the problem. Sure it is possible to avoid smoking when you have vaping and some of the tobacco e-liquid out there to replace the act of smoking for a combustion-free one that only delivers the nicotine without smoke that affects your health. But, the problems won’t solve that easily.

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