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Chiropractic – A Reliable Means of Curing Back Pain

Chiropractic is a practice whereby hands-on manipulation of bones within the body and the spinal column are used to drive away pains from within the bones. This is a common practice utilized to get relief from back aches. This practice operates on the theory “subluxation theory” that the improper alignment of the human vertebrae affects the body’s nervous system and that pains and other disease can originate when this happens. So, its aim is to properly align the vertebrae for better health and relief from these pains.

subluxation theory - Chiropractic treatment

To receive chiropractic treatment, the patient has to visit a chiropractor who uses manual adjustments or re-alignments to keep the vertebrae back in shape and restore the health condition of the patient. Though, there is no scientific evidence to back up this line of though, studies have shown that this process has been very effective in bringing relief to patients with back pains and some general ailments. These include certain digestive problems and asthma according to some persons. For this lack of scientific evidence, some experts in the medical field have completely rejected the notion of chiropractic, though some chiropractors currently work with renowned doctors on part time and full time basis these days in the treatment of back pains and associated ailments.

Generally, if you are constantly plagued by back pain, the chiropractic might be a good option to try out as it has proven reliable in the treatment of back pains, assisted with the restoration of mobility and corrected neuron-musculoskeletal disorders in some patients. Let us go through the process of getting back pain relief through this medium, especially the lower back pain which most office executives and labor workers seem to be affected by today.

Manual re-alignment or adjustments of the vertebrae by the chiropractor are achieved by using the hands to apply pressure enough to cause the vertebrae to get back to its normal space. High velocity thrusts and spinal traction are common methods used in this regard. Also, professional massages and the stretching of back muscles are effected to relax the muscles and make the adjustments easier. Generally, the process might also some therapeutic exercises on specific group of muscles aimed at properly aligning the spinal cord.

The principle of using massages to relax the nerves and muscles is also part of the process employed by chiropractors to provide cures for back pains. Most often, you find professional massage teams working alongside the chiropractors, because it is believed that relaxed muscles can be easily put back in place than the tensed ones. Also, regular exercises and relaxed nerves are a means of keeping the adjustment by the chiropractor in place over time.

Though, care must be taken before settling for chiropractic treatment and it is usually advisable to seek a proper diagnosis of the cause for your back pain in order to determine whether this process will be of benefit. For instance, people with advanced spine osteoarthritis must not use chiropractic treatment as it can result in negative side effects for their health. So, it is better to be properly diagnosed and this is the reason why you find most chiropractors working alongside medical doctors, thus giving the treatment process a wider acceptance among the populace.

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