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Burn Pain: What to do to minimize your burn pain.

The severity of burn symptoms depend entirely on the severity of the burn. Mild burns – or first-degree burns – result in reddened skin and mild pain that usually dissipates within a few days. Mild burns may take about a week before the skin is completely healed.

Burn pain

Second-degree burns result in swelling, blistering, and later peeling skin. Severe burns – or third-degree burns – result in whitened or charged skin. Severe burns such as these often result in nerve damage beneath the burned skin and usually require immediate medical attention to ease the pain and minimize the loss of flesh.

Of course, the first cause people think of when they think of a burn is a hot object or fire. Burns can be caused by a variety of things, however, not only by touching a hot object or fire. Burns can be caused by exposure to a live electrical wire, exposure to the sun, and even exposure to some chemicals.

Warning: Severe burns should always be treated as soon as possible with medical attention. Remember that water and electricity do not go well together, so if a person is burned by a live electrical wire, it’s important to remove the person from the electricity before applying any treatment that involves water. Chemical burns and electrical burns should always be treated with medical attention as well.

When a person is burned by a hot object, exposure to the sun or chemicals, the first thing to do is apply chilled water to the burned area. The more immediate the cooling water is applied, the less the skin is damaged and the less pain the person will feel. Applying cold – even iced – water immediately to the skin ensures that damage resulting from the burn is immediately checked and healing can begin. Later applications of cold can also ease the residual pain resulting from mild or second-degree burns.

Natural Remedies for burns
Of course, once chilled water has been applied to the burned skin for at least 10 or 15 minutes, there are a variety of natural remedies that can be used to ease the pain and heal the skin. These include:

The juice from fresh cut aloe vera leaves or aloe vera lotions are excellent for treating burns. This can be applied to the burned area as soon as the skin has cooled from the burn. This treatment is especially effective for sunburns.
An application of honey to a burned area that has been properly washed with cold water can prevent further infection and help heal the wound.

Fresh papaya contains enzymes that re helpful for removing dead skin cells that result from burns. This should be applied only after the burned area has been completely cooled with water and ice and the skin has begun the process of changing colors and even peeling.

Liquid vitamin E from capsules has been shown to prevent scarring that can result from burns. This treatment should be applied only after the skin has changed colors and has started shedding as it is not an immediate treatment to heal the skin, only to prevent scarring once the healing process has begun.

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