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Back Pain Treatment: An Essential Guide

Back pain is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon that most of the people suffer from. It makes life very difficult and painful. The back houses the most important part of the nervous system – the spinal cord. This spinal cord is embedded in a spinal vertebrate which are cartilages – also known as disks – and is supported by various muscles, ligaments and nerves. Problem or injury to any one of these can cause back pain. Modern lifestyle is also one of the key contributors to the emergence of this problem.

Back Pain Treatment - Back Pain Treatment: An Essential Guide

What Are Some Back-Pain Treatments That Doctors Recommend?

Whether your cause for back pain is physical or structural, it is the cause that determines the course of action a doctor needs to take to cure your condition. The back-pain treatment includes basics like medications to last resorts of corrective surgery, especially if you are suffering from arthritis or slipped disk. While many are corrected via the above-said methods, there are few conditions like spondylitis that are incurable but must be kept under control by proper care and exercise.  There are a few basic back pain treatments that doctors recommend to everyone whether they are suffering from pain or as a preventive method:

  1. Proper rest and sleep – One of the major causes of back pain is the constant stress you unknowingly put on our back. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone with a desk job, an incorrect posture at most times causes the back to sustain an injury or wear. So, maintaining a good posture be it while working, playing, exercising or sleeping is very important. Proper sleep and a well-suited mattress is the first thing any doctor will suggest back pain treatment.
  2. Stick to mild workouts – Though it might sound paradoxical, but too much rest also causes the spine to lose its flexibility and set you up on a journey of degeneration.  Therefore, you must add mild workout sessions to your routine. Walking is the best form of the workout as it helps maintain your body weight without putting much stress on your joints and spine. As back pain treatment doctors also suggest light cardio or yoga for increasing spine strength and the overall strengthening of the muscles.
  3. Physiotherapy – One of the most recommended back pain treatment, physiotherapy is a mix of physical activity and massages over the particular area to relieve you of back pain. For this, you may also appoint a personal physiotherapist who would guide you the right way.
  4. Supplements – Our diet has a huge influence on our muscles, bones and nerves of the body. A healthy diet along with proper workout keeps you fit and prevents any form of back injury or discomfort.  Another form of back pain treatment that doctors rely on is herbal therapy and supplements. Calcium, magnesium, glucosamine sulfate are the key minerals you can add to your diet to relieve your back pain. While many rely on pain killers, that are short term relief, supplements, on the other hand, will provide you with a long-lasting result.
  5. Electrical stimulation – Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator or TENS are battery operated small devices that transmit low electric voltages to your nerve endings. The nerves are the centre of pain signals and the TENS works on overriding that sensation of pain that these nerves send to the spine. Many patients who have undergone this back pain treatment have reported it as an effective way of getting rid of constant pain in the back. It is also highly recommended by doctors as well.

For a doctor to start any back pain treatment, they need to first know the reason for the pain through proper examinations and tests.  Back injury is the most common reason for back pain. Whether you have physically sustained an injury or managed to pull a muscle while straining during a workout, the intense pain that shows up is intolerable. To get rid of such pains it is advisable to go for back pain treatments at the earliest.

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