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Back Pain: The Basic Information And The Treatment

A recent study in the United States of America revealed that the every 80 adults out of 100 have experienced the back pain at least once in their lifetime and many adults are suffering from this problem on a regular basis. It is very important to let us know that what the best way to prevent back injuries. Your back is the mainframe of your body, which is made from soft tissues, bones and muscles. Your back is vulnerable to the injuries because of a lot of stress it handles on a regular basis.

Back pain Treatment - Back Pain: The Basic Information And The Treatment

Your lower back is the part which handles most of the stress, especially when you are doing heavy on improper lifting. This is the reason that your lower back is most vulnerable to the injuries such as ligament injury or hairline fracture. Here are some tips by which you can surely prevent your back from these injuries:

  • If you’re working in any such industry, which involves a lot of heavy lifting work on a day-to-day basis then you should have to understand that how to do heavy weightlifting properly. There are some special exercises in order to strengthen and improve your back like aerobics or low impact. These exercises will not put any greater strain on your jolts and will allow your muscles to function in a better way. There are a few very simple exercises like swimming and walking, which can greatly help you strengthen your back. Actually, the main motive behind these exercises is to keep your muscles flexible.
  • Quit smoking:
    This is one of the best methods is to keep your back in excellent shape. The heavy smoking may result in the decrement of the oxygen level in your spinal tissues, which may result in the greater strain on your back muscles and can be the cause of ligament injury. Also the smoking will result in the slow process of natural healing.
  • Check your weight!
    This is one of the main reasons of the back pain. If you are recently became overweight due to the junk food or any other reason then you are most vulnerable to the back injuries. The best method I can suggest you is to do join a gym and try to reduce your weight or control your dieting habits. Remember, being overweight will put a greater strain in your back muscles.
  • If your job requires a long period of standing then the best recommendation for you is to transfer and distribute the weight from one leg to another leg from time to time. By doing this you will actually reduce the pressure on your spine and other back muscles.
  • Mattress:
    Choose the mattress which is neither too soft not too hard. Also learn to sleep in a right sleeping position to avoid back pain.

Now, if you’re one of those who are already suffering from this back pain then there are some treatment for you like physiotherapy, physical therapy and the light exercises as mentioned above. In the physiotherapy, the therapist actually applies the heat or cold dependent upon the situation on your affected back area. There are various other therapies available, which use electronic simulation, ultrasound, magnetic therapy and herbal therapy.

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