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Back Pain Relief: Swimming

Studies have shown that strengthening the muscles that supports the back can help treat existing back pain as well as prevent future problems. However, some traditional exercise routines are not good for people with back problems. Doctors would often recommend people with back pain to exercise in water as an alternative. Since water is buoyant, it can help support weight and places minimal stress on joints and muscles. It can also improve strength and flexibility.

Swimming - Back Pain Relief: Swimming
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Swimming is a very helpful exercise for back pain sufferers. When athletes become injured, it is a great way to remain active since it does not put strain on the swimmers back. Most recommends it as the best therapy for back-related problems since it helps enhance the body’s alignment and balance. The water can help support you while you swim. Warm water can also make things a lot better since it does not only help limber up the back, but also aids in muscle relaxation.

While you may find this a very easy solution, you should also take some caution while doing this activity. While it may be easy to move in water, you may still find some resistance, so you may need to start slowly and increase the length of time gradually.

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