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Back Pain from a Workplace Injury? 5 Things You Should Remember

A workplace injury is one situation that no one wants to deal with, but every employee should understand exactly what must be done after they have been injured on the job. With millions of these injuries taking place every single year, here is a look at what you can do to protect your health and your future after an accident.

Employer in Workplace

Notify Your Employer

Waiting to notify your employer of a back injury can be a devastating mistake. A manager, HR rep, or supervisor must be told about the injury in writing. This is especially important for injuries that will keep an employee from working for longer than seven days as they might be eligible for workers’ compensation or disability pay.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of an Injury

Another mistake is ignoring an injury because you do not think it is serious. Unfortunately, it does not take much for some minor back pain or a headache to turn into a serious medical problem. Those that do not seek out medical treatments immediately are putting their own health at risk.

Document Everything

Your company and your doctor should record everything that takes place, but it is also a good idea to document this information yourself. Injured employees should write down when the injury took place, how it took place, how long they took off work, and what treatments they received. The manager or HR department should also provide the employee with copies of any injury reports that they have filed.

Stick to Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Going off of your medication early or removing a cast too soon could actually make a civil trial or mediation extremely difficult. If you are not satisfied with the care that you are currently receiving, then you might be eligible to change doctors and get a second opinion.

Contact an Attorney

Employees are often given just a fraction of what they deserve after an injury. Anyone that feels as if they are not being treated completely fairly by their employer, doctor, or insurance provider should contact an attorney, like the ones from Pritzker Law, that has experience dealing with workers’ compensation and personal injury lawsuits.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an employee is the single best way to protect your health, your finances, and your future. For those that have recently experienced a workplace injury, it is vital to get proactive about your recovery in order to minimize the risk of long-term damage developing.

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