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Avoid Strong Medication And Surgery: Six Surprising Fixes For Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you may have considered taking powerful medications or withstanding a surgeon’s knife in order to find relief. But many forms of back pain can be eliminated through much less drastic measures, and these six steps may finally help ease your discomfort.

Fixes For Back Pain - Avoid Strong Medication And Surgery: Six Surprising Fixes For Back Pain

Move at Work as Much as Possible

Constant sitting throughout most of your day deprives your discs of the fluid that they need to cushion your vertebrate. To avoid this particular type of back pain, try to move at least every twenty minutes at work. Take a small walk every hour or two, and take the long way to the bathroom or the break room to allow your body to move a little more. This can go a long way in relieving lower back pain.

Eat More Vitamin D

If you are experiencing severe chronic muscle pain, you may be showing one of the symptoms of being deficient in vitamin D. The vitamin is available in the bones of small fish and in fortified milk. If these are not foods that you consume on a regular basis, using vitamin D dietary supplements may help.

Develop a Resistance Training Program

You can experience back pain due to weak abdominal muscles. These muscles are vitally important to supporting the lower back. Resistance training will help develop these muscles and make them more capable of providing back support. Regular exercise can also help relieve your back pain over time.

Try a Massage

If you are wary about trying massage therapy, you should be aware that it can improve blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. Both of these can play an important role in reducing or eliminating your back pain. Be sure to get the massage from a professional who knows what they are doing to avoid further injury.

Include Anti-inflammatory Foods in Your Diet

Many of the powerful medications that doctors would prescribe for your back pain are designed to reduce inflammation. Rather than turning to drugs for this effect, include foods such as green tea and blueberries, which have natural anti-inflammation properties.

Change How You Sleep

When it comes to sleeping, two culprits may be responsible for your back pain. Sleeping on your stomach causes stress on your back and should be avoided. If you can’t stop sleeping on your stomach, then at least try placing a pillow under your hips. Additionally, an old mattress may sag and place stress on your back. Before trying medications and surgery, you may simply want to purchase a new queen sized mattress that offers you the support you need.

Whether you are trying to avoid the expenses associated with surgery or you are simply fearful about the long term ramifications of taking powerful medications, don’t be afraid to try alternatives. Though some of these changes are very simple, they can have dramatic results without the drastic side effects associated with surgery and powerful medications.

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