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7 Mistakes That Can Aggravate Your Back Pain

Unlike some other common medical conditions, chronic back pain will immediately bring an individual’s life to a halt. Everything from working to getting a full night of sleep can become unbearable, so here is a look at seven common issues that could be aggravating upper or lower back pain.

Back Pain - 7 Mistakes That Can Aggravate Your Back Pain

1. Shoes

Worn-out or improper footwear is one of the most common issues when it comes to back pain, even for those that are not on their feet all day. Finding the right pair of shoes will provide support as well as change an individual’s gait to put less strain on their back.

2. The Wrong Mattress

Most people are going to be in their mattress for a large percentage of each day, and that is why it is important to find the correct mattresses. Those with ongoing back pain should also ensure that they change their mattress anytime that the internal springs or cushions have become worn.

3. A Poor Diet

Every extra pound that is on a patient’s frame will put a huge amount of stress on their back as well as their joints. Specialists will often suggest that those experiencing back pain maintain the correct weight as well as keep up with a healthy diet.

4. Stretching and Exercise

While most healthy individuals will want to incorporate stretching and exercise into their daily routine, this training may need to be put on hold for anyone in pain. Those with pain in their upper or lower back should first speak with a specialist on back pain in New Jersey, or the city in which you live, before attempting any exercising.

5. Bad Posture

Good posture will not only help to prevent back pain in the first place, it will also allow the back to heal once it has been injured. This includes the correct stance while walking, jogging, or even sitting at one’s desk.

6. A Lack of Lumbar Support

Depending on how often an individual sits throughout the day, a lack of lumbar support could be aggravating a back injury. For those that have office or home chairs without good lumbar support, pads can be purchased to improve posture while sitting.

7. Tension

Tension and stress are not just emotionally draining, they could also be causing health issues with one’s back. Those that struggling with stress should speak with their healthcare provider to find solutions for stress and tension management to prevent ongoing injuries.

Chronic back pain can be debilitating, but it is something no one needs to accept without a fight. Countless daily activities will affect back pain, and these seven simple steps may be exactly what are needed to find relief.

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