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5 Ways to Deal with Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnant women may experience back aches as their babies continue to grow larger every day. And, over time their spine and muscles strain to support the excess weight.

Pregnancy - 5 Ways to Deal with Back Pain during Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body also generates a key hormone called relaxin that helps prepare your body to give birth. One of relaxin’s effects works to loosen the body’s ligaments, which makes a pregnant woman’s body less stable and prone to physical injury overall, especially in the back area. Here are 5 key ways for pregnant women to ease their back pain:

1. Properly lift items.

Lifting heavy objects to the point of muscle strain can be dangerous to the health of you and your baby. While you’re pregnant, it’s important to not try and lift anything heavier than just a couple of pounds. If you need to pick something up, get help or look up instructions on how to lift it correctly. (Source: Gilbert Webb USNews). Never bend over at the waist. Instead, slowly bend your knees while squatting down and use your legs to lift, rather than your back.

2. Be aware of your posture.

Many times, aching back pain can be eased by simply paying better attention to your overall posture when standing or sitting. Try to keep your head and chest high, keep your pelvis flatter, and tuck your backside under rather than using your back to support your baby-bump weight.

3. Create a comfortable sleep environment.

If your backache continues after you go to bed, try shifting your body into a position’s that more back-friendly. While bending at least one of your knees, turn over and sleep on your side. Some women use pregnancy pillows to help them fall asleep easier. Placing a pillow underneath your belly or between your knees is another position that may allow you to relax and get comfortable.

4. Stay physically active.

Take a dip in a pool and perform a variety of exercises that will be gentle on your joints as well as taking a much-needed load off your back altogether. Since water can effortlessly support your body weight, it’s the ideal way to relieve the pressure building-up in your joints, especially your lower back. Other great ways to stay active while pregnant include prenatal yoga and performing lower back extensions and pelvic tilts.

5. Consider alternative therapies.

Research reveals how acupuncture helps relieve pregnancy back pain along with chiropractic treatment for some women. According to it is best to discuss the many therapeutic options with your physician first.

Pregnancy back pain can sometimes be a sign of something else, such as a urinary tract infection or the onset of labor. If you’re experiencing severe pain that isn’t improving or any other symptoms that concern you, talk to your physician as soon as possible.



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