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5 Tips to Avoid Falling into the Trap of Weight

For all athletes, but especially for those who have just started working with a lot of weight, it is synonymous to work well and fast. This is a grave mistake as the weight in the gym is a concept related to the ability of each person to handle it, and working with weights too high is always a threat to physical well-being. Here I present you with five tips to avoid falling into the dangerous trap of lifting more weight.

Trap of Weight

1 – Start your workouts with little weight and increase it gradually.

If you want to start with lifting as much weight as possible, you are dead wrong with this approach; in fact, the body must adapt to the weight or else you expose yourself to injury. If you start subjecting the body to a moderate weight, you allow your body structure to fit slowly, allowing a smooth and harmonious muscle growth as well as secure. You don’t need to fear and be worried if you work in your beginnings with small weights. There is plenty of time and if you are consistent, you will know how to use weight well.

2 – It favors the strict form over weight quantity.

The strict form is the virtue of high performance handbook by performing an exercise properly without involving muscle groups you are not training to conduct a thorough and focused work. The more you weight you add, the more difficult it will make for you to retain weight strictly. This does not mean you should work with paltry weights, but with the need to exercise.

3 – Work with weights that allow you to perform a range of 8 to 12 repetitions per set.

The muscle fibers are stimulated for growth when they are worked on sets including repeats moving in a range of 8 to 12. It is not bad if you want to do some other sets of force, which involve repetitions in a range of 4-6, but if your goal is muscle growth, your best option is to go for reps not less than 8 and no more than 12 within which muscle fibers are stimulated to the maximum.

In order to reach the required number of repetitions, the weight should be appropriate being neither too light nor too heavy. If you can reach the twelve repetitions without effort, you can increase the weight. If you do not get to the eighth repetition even with the help of a training partner, you should decrease the weight. There are no secrets when it comes to building muscle mass other than working with appropriate weights and strictly.

4 – Pay special attention and care in working with small muscles.

Small muscle groups such as deltoids, biceps or triceps have greater ease of injury because they are less resistant than large, though injuries can happen to any muscle group. Statistically, the biceps muscles of athletes are injured most in the gym as they put special efforts to develop and load rods doing curls with improper weights.

5 – Remember that your pride is not trained in the gym

It is common to see people, especially young boys, competing with each other pertaining to lift weights in the gym, but it could turn out to be a dangerous game. If you notice, you are performing exercise poorly, and by simply eliminating some of the weight, you will do better. Let your pride remain intact for the most essential achievements in your life instead of wasting it in trivial weight lifting competitions in gym.

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