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5 Remedies with the Potential to Relieve Your Back Pain

According to some recent stats, about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain at one point or the other in their lives, which makes it the second most common reason for them to visit doctors. Listed below are 5 Remedies with the Potential to Relieve Your Back Pain. Though further research and exploration is required before declaring these remedies as standard back pain treatments, they seem to offer significant relief in cases of back pain ranging from mild to moderate levels.

Back pain
Back Pain

1            Acupuncture

Acupuncture, part of the traditional Chinese medicine, is fast becoming a notable remedy for people suffering from back problems. A research study published in Spine in 2008, which analyzed the results of 23 clinical trials involving 6,359 patients in total, concluded that there is significant evidence to consider acupuncture as an effective supplement to other currently practiced conventional therapies. In fact, there are some insurance plans available nowadays that cover the expenses of acupuncture.

2            Massage Therapy

In another research review published in Spine in 2009, compiling the results of 13 clinical trials where massage therapy was used as the treatment, the authors concluded the therapy to be beneficial for people having sub-acute and chronic low back pain (nonspecific). According to them, the best results came when therapy was combined with appropriate education and exercises. Massage therapy is also the most popular of all natural therapies recommended during pregnancy for low back pain.

3            Chiropractic Care

For Americans, one of the leading causes of visiting a chiropractor is none other than back pain. Chiropractors resort to manual spinal manipulation for restoring and enhancing joint mobility, based on relevant knowledge and experience to achieve the desired results. According to research material published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics, researchers concluded that when combined with exercise, chiropractic care is quite likely to improve, enhance and speed up the outcomes. Moreover, it is also helpful in preventing any further back pain episodes.

4            Yoga

Yoga is basically designed to create balance in human body through certain poses contributing in improved strength and flexibility. There are studies that favour yoga as a practice that might be helpful in relieving from back pain. For example, Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine published a report in 2008 where researchers concluded that yoga had the potential to help patients with back pain. There is another research review that published in 2011 in Clinical Rheumatology, based on seven clinical trials testing the impacts of yoga on lower back of the patients involved. Results of five of the trials suggested that yoga proved more effective in lowering back pain of the patients compared to the usual education, care or other conventional therapeutic exercises commonly used. However, the remaining two concluded that yoga did not prove more effective than other cares and cures for low back pain.

5            Alexander Technique

This is a type of therapy based on improving people’s postures, eliminating any bad habits like slouching, which can worsen ailments like back pain, decreased mobility and muscle tension. A research publication in the International Journal of Clinical Practice back in 2012 suggests that the Alexander Technique proved much helpful in back pain relief and improvement in various inabilities resulted by chronic back pain.


Back pain is a serious medical problem plaguing the lives of millions of Americans. So, you need to be very careful in getting appropriate back pain treatment based on able consultation to make sure that your conditions improve rather than further worsening due to inappropriate means and resources.

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