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5 Natural Energy Boosters When You Feel Too Pooped to Pop

Sometimes that caffeine in your Morning Joe just doesn’t do the trick; you’re hard pressed for a natural solution to put that extra kick in your step.

Morning Coffee - 5 Natural Energy Boosters When You Feel Too Pooped to Pop

Whether you’re an athlete running off to your morning softball game with the boys, or a businessman who’s completed a long commute only to face a hectic day of scheduled meeting, finding something that can give you that extra jolt of energy that lasts throughout the day can be a challenge.

If this is what ails you, sometimes turning to Mother Nature is the best recourse. Here’s five options you might want to test as to what works best for you and your physical make-up.

1. Rhodiola

Available in most health-food stores, Rhodiola  is one of nature’s best energy builders, because it goes right to the source. It actually helps multiply your energy molecules to provide you with a long-lasting boost throughout the entire day.

Dr. Oz suggests starting with 100 mg every day. Then, if you still find yourself in a slump, increase your dosage to 200 mg.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi not only has twice the potassium of a banana and two times the Vitamin C of an orange, it also offers 2.5 grams of fiber, which will keep you full and prevent those energy lows you sometimes encounter during the day.

Digesting one kiwi — which is quite enough — is only 100 calories. That’s all you need to stay alert during those long meetings at work. Also think about adding it to your cereal or with a scoop of yogurt if you’d like a little more at your breakfast meal.

3. Oat straw extract

This is an all-natural energy booster. It contains no caffeine or sugar, so you’re less likely to experience the mid-day slump that’s otherwise a common event in our work lives. Another potential benefit identified by researchers may be to increase the flow of blood to your brain.

Oat straw has shown an ability to dilate the arteries that feed blood and oxygen to the brain. This will keep you more alert the next time you come up to bat.

4. CoCoMadness

CoCoMadness is blended from natural ingredients, including the natural power of cocoa. The resulting energy jolt lasts for a full day of activity, with no crash rebounds.

Each cocoa chewable includes energy-boosting nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes designed to produce long-lasting energy results.

5. Green tea

Ever think about swapping in coffee for natural green tea? Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, whose Florida practice focuses on integrative medicine, points out that green tea has small amounts of caffeine in addition to an active compound called EGCG that helps you burn calories.

The natural energy boosters listed above are a sampling of some of the more helpful solutions from across the Web. A quick “natural energy booster” keyword search will indicate dozens more.

In all cases, it’s always wise to consult your physician and get his or her take on these and other natural options, so you can be sure they will not conflict with any condition you may have.

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