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5 Easy Ways to Manage Low Back Pain at Home

Back pains are a common condition that affects many people with increased age. In the United States, statistics show that this condition will affect about 85% of the entire population at some point. There are many causes of back pains. However, most back pains and especially lower back pains develop and are contributed by the lifestyle. This is the main reason joint pains are hard to deal with in normal circumstances. Unless you understand the cause of your joint pains and work towards correcting the cause, then it might be a bit challenging to treat back pains.

Low Back Pain

Even for the people that do exercises and workouts, wrong postures and techniques increase the chance of suffering from joint pains. Pain killers and other treatments may not help you in treating joint and back pains if you do not, first of all, work on correcting the few things in your life that cause joint pains in your body. They only offer temporary relief. This is even dangerous as it may aggravate your condition and damage your joints making worse the condition. You can, however, manage your joint pains with some natural and home remedies on your own.

  1. Take a Rest from Gamming

Research has shown that most of the adolescent and teenage kids in America suffer from back pains. This is caused by being involved in video and online games for an extended time. This leads to poor postures while playing games. This may result in crumbling body and especially the lower back muscles, thus suffering from pains occasionally. You can prevent back pains by gaming for a limited time in a day. If you have to play for long sessions, ensure that you assume the good sitting and gaming postures. It is also important to take exercise so as to reduce the chances of adding weight, which could also contribute to back pains.

  1. Shed Pounds

Too much weight in the belly region leads to increased pressure and strain on the back region. This increase backache pain. You can work on a home plan to help you shed some pounds of weight and reduce the risk of suffering from back pains. Shedding weight will start from observing your diet. Foods that are rich in calories will increase the chances of storing fat, especially in the belly. This may lead to increased weight gain. If you already have added a lot of weight, you can take foods rich in fiber. These help you to feel full for a longer period. You will thus be converting the stored fats to provide the body with energy. Fibers also take a longer time to digest. This enhances the intake of nutrients, thus reducing the storage of fats and adding weight.

  1. Low impact exercises

Exercises are good for the entire body. However, when you have severe joint pains, be cautious about the kind of activities that you engage in day to day. I know that many people will not even think of considering exercises when they have back pain problems. However, it is helpful to exercise your body with low impact exercises. They will help to correct many causes of back pains like poor sitting and exercising postures. The most recommended exercises include yoga, swimming, walking, and stretches. Exercising will also help you to shed or lose weight and get your BMI in check. A study shows that exercising helps to reduce back pains by 20%. However, when faced with back pains and other types of joint pain, keep off high impact exercises. In fact, getting involved in home chores will also help you to deal with joint pains.

  1. Office ergonomics

Many people work on a computer for long hours of the day. These people need to practice proper ergonomics so as to keep joint and back pains away. Ensure that your monitor is placed in the right position in front of you. It should be at least twenty inches away from your body. The mouse and the keyboard should, however, be close to you. This way you will not struggle to look at the monitor or reach for the mouse and keyboard. Your arms should hang naturally as you perform tasks on the computer. The shoulders should be relaxed. Many people have also installed apps that remind and suggest some exercises to perform around your desk so as to reduce back and joint pains.

  1. Sleep well

Apart from poor sitting posture, many people have a lot of problems when sleeping. This is a primary cause of major back pains. When sleeping in a sideways position, the leg on the top will slide down and cause some twist on your lower back. When sleeping in this position, make sure that you place a pillow between your legs. This prevents your leg from sliding to cause a twist in your lower back.


Back pains can be very disturbing. They will inhibit your activities and prevent you from taking part in many things. Make sure that you do exercises to help you minimize back pains. Exercises will also correct problems caused by poor sitting and sleeping habits, thus helping to control back pains.

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