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5 “Crazy” Health Products That Actually Work

People are always looking for ways to relieve pain and feel better, but this is easier said than done. There are many products on the market that claim to make a difference, with many that simply do not work. Thus, here is a quick look at some “crazy” health products that might seem awkward to purchase and use, but that have been proven to be effective and work.

Knee Chair - 5 "Crazy" Health Products That Actually Work

Theracane Massage Device

The Theracane may appear to simply be a giant plastic hook, but it has the power to relieve sore muscles. It is specially constructed with two projections and six treatment balls that target trigger points to alleviate tension and pain. The device is based off the old Chinese belief that the body is made of various pressure points. The special design delivers deep pressure to any muscle, which heightens circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Inversion Table

Most people have seen inversion tables on television, but dismiss them with laughter. These items can be very beneficial at relieving back pain and increasing flexibility. Inversion tables try to reverse the effects of gravity on the spine. They decompress the back and allow fluid to return to the discs. A person places a great deal of stress on the back throughout the day. Each time a person bends or sits, fluid in the discs become lost. Medical studies have shown that inversion tables can decompress the spine, stretch the back, and strengthen core muscles.

Back Stretcher

A back stretcher is less expensive than an inversion table and performs similar tasks. A portable back stretcher is a smart product for anyone who experiences a stiff back or joint pain. It decompresses the spine and returns it to proper alignment. Using it a few minutes a day will ease pain and strengthen joints.

Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair may appear weird, but it will be very helpful around the office. A kneeling chair is built to keep posture straight while working on a desk. The hips are tilted forward and the back, shoulders, and neck remain in proper alignment. Many times, memory foam is added to keep the legs as comfortable as possible. While it look extremely comfortable, the distribution of your weight and the correction of poor posture actually make these chairs great for when you need to sit for long periods of time.

Zero Gravity Recliner

To keep the back relaxed, a zero gravity recliner will be effective. The chair is cushioned to get rid of spine tension. When reclined, the lungs will open up and work properly. This will assure the maximum oxygen distribution within the body. Some of these chairs will provide a vibrating massage as well. If you really want to go crazy, some companies offer equipment that goes with the chair that allows for your to create your own office around you. This gives you the ultimate amount of relief while also allowing for you to perform your needs work.

The above products may look like they come from another planet, but they are successful at relieving pain and tension, giving you a happier and more enjoyable life that is free from suffering and discomfort. Companies such as the Healthy Back carry most of these things, with websites being your best option for finding these “crazy” health products.

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