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5 Beautiful, Memorable Things to Look Forward to with Your First Pregnancy

You have probably heard horror stories of being pregnant for the first time. From feeling nauseous all day, to leg cramps, growing pains, and weight fluctuations, there are lots of things to despise about being pregnant. However, for everything there is to dislike, there are dozens of others to love. So, put your fears and horror stories on the backburner, because you CAN and should fall in love with being pregnant for the first time.

First Pregnant - 5 Beautiful, Memorable Things to Look Forward to with Your First Pregnancy

The First Time Hearing the Heartbeat

When you are lying on the table with the doppler on your belly, you hold your breath and hope for the best. Then you let it out in a sigh of pure joy and relief at the sound of that little heartbeat, pumping over a hundred beats per minute. There’s no greater sound in that moment, and it all hits home that your body is harboring and growing a little person.

The First Ultrasound [and every ultrasound afterwards]

While every ultrasound is special, the first ultrasound is the kind of special that makes you burst into tears. You get to see all of the elements that make your baby, from little fingers, to little legs, and little feet. You even get a super-awesome picture of the facial profile. This is also the part where a tech will be able to tell you if your sweetheart is growing at a good, healthy rate. Usually, an OB will schedule your appointment for between 18 to 21 weeks.

The Big Plans, Baby Shower, and Daydreams

One of the most memorable events during your first pregnancy is a baby shower. You could plan it yourself or ask someone else to plan it for you. Either way, your mind is full of nothing but positives, as you want to celebrate your pregnancy with the people you love most. You also have big plans and daydreams about what kind of mother you can be, the personality of your baby, and the moments you two will share together.

The Baby Room Renovations and Adorable Décor

If you opt to have a separate baby room in your home, then the renovations and adorable decor have likely taken over your mind. It’s so exciting to be able to choose the color palette, theme, and crib design in anticipation of your baby. And it satisfies your natural urge to nest and prepare.

The Flutters, Kicks, and Little Movements

The last mentioned memorable thing about being pregnant are the flutters, kicks, and little movements that occur between 18 to 22 weeks. They begin as little butterfly flutters and rolls in your tummy, then progress to full-on, strong kicks and punches that ripple your belly and bring happiness to your heart.

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