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4 Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Are you suffering through each day with aggravating back pain? You are not alone, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, two thirds of Americans experience lower back pain but 37% do not seek professional help or treatment. Don’t allow lower back pain to dictate your ability. Here are a few ways to relieve your lower back pain.


Adjust Your Seat

According to the American Physical Therapy Association more than half of Americans who experience lower back pain spend the majority of their work day sitting. If you are part of this group, finding a chair with good support for your workplace is crucial. If you can’t afford a new chair, there are inserts that you can attach to the back of your chair to provide more support to your back. Getting up every once in a while and walking around the office or getting some fresh air will do wonders for your back as well as your work productivity. 

Chiropractic Work 

Visiting a chiropractor can essentially dissolve your lower back pain in just a few sessions. Professionals, like those at Fulk Chiropractic, know that day to day activities can cause your spine to become misaligned. A chiropractor can do adjustments to keep your spine in line and relieve any pain. Most insurances will help cover the cost of a chiropractor so your visit might be less expensive than you think.


Exercising might be the last think you want to do when you are suffering from back pain but using and strengthening the muscles in your back can save you from back pain. Strengthening your core can also relieve pain in your back. If your abdominal muscles are week, the muscles in your back compensate and work harder. Throwing in some core exercises like planks or crunches will strengthen you core while alleviating any strain in your back. Improving your flexibility is another step to throw into your exercise regimen. Flexibility takes the place of tension and tightness which can cause back pain.

Apply Ice and Heat 

Heat and ice can both provide major relief if you suffer from back pain. Ice is typically used to reduce swelling while heat is used to provide pain relief. Using one or the other isn’t better or worse; just use whichever one is most comfortable.

Back pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Don’t be part of the 37% of Americans who don’t seek treatment. Change up your seat at work, keep moving and exercising, see a chiropractor and apply ice or heat to the painful area. These four steps should get you back to new in no time.

One Response to “4 Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain”

  1. Chiroman says:

    Combining chiropractic and exercise (exercises like bridge, plank, and others) is the most powerful and effective way to relieve back pain that I have seen! Good post!

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