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3 Exercises to Help Alleviate Back Pain

When your back hurts, you may want to simply rest, but movement is good for the wellbeing of your back. Exercises for pain in the lower back can strengthen not only back muscles but stomach and leg muscles as well. They help to support your spine, which alleviates back pain. It is important to talk to your doctor before starting exercises for back pain. The source and intensity of the pain make a difference in which exercises are recommended and which might be harmful.

Common Spine Issues Runner - 3 Exercises to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Partial Crunches

Avoid doing full sit-ups, but consider trying partial crunches. These help strengthen the muscles of the back and stomach. Lie with your knees bent and have your feet on the floor, flat. Either put your hands beneath your neck or have your arms crossed over your chest. Then tighten your stomach muscles, raising your shoulders off from the floor. Exhale as your shoulders lift. Do not use your elbows to lead or use your arms to pull you from the floor. Hold for one second, then slowly let yourself back down. Repeat this eight to a dozen times.

Hamstring Stretches

Avoid leg lifts, but try hamstring stretches. For these, lie on your back with one knee drawn up, bent. Loop a towel beneath your foot, at the ball. Then straighten your knee, slowly pulling backward on the towel. A gentle stretch should be felt down your leg’s back. Hold this for a minimum of 15 to 30 seconds. Try this two to four times on each leg.

Wall Sits

Wall sits help to strengthen a variety of muscles, including the lower back and core. Start by standing about a foot or a little less from the wall, then lean backward until your back is pressed flat back against the wall. Next, slowly slide down; when your knees are bent slightly, with your lower back pressed into the wall, hold this position for a count of ten. Finally, slide carefully up the wall again. Repeat this eight to a dozen times.

Back pain affects most people at some point in their lives, but proper exercises can help to strengthen muscles and alleviate pain. You can try these exercises a few times a week at first, then work your way up to performing them daily. This can help your pain as well as toning your muscles. Getting moving may seem contrary to what your body wants, but it can help. If the pain is due to a work related incident, don’t be shy about contacting a workers compensation attorney as you find healing.

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